5 Inspirational Anime Characters

(Cross-post from Iyashikei)

Characters in fiction tend to represent ideas. Writers use their characters as a manifestation of different concepts. For example, the typical “hero” in fiction is often a combination of several different traits that people tend to see as “heroic.”

As a result, fictional characters can make good role models, as their existence is as a set of boiled-down concepts, making them free from the many intricate shortcomings of being human.

Junichi Tachibana (Amagami SS)

The character the Amagami Challenge was based off of, Junichi represents a commitment to resist cynicism and a shift into abundance mentality. Rather than continue to be bogged down by his romantic failures, he ventures outside his comfort zone and explores the possibilities in front of him. He doesn’t always succeed right off the bat, but he doesn’t let his lack of experience hold him back either.

Ken Kubo (Otaku no Video)

Ken Kubo represents relentless self-belief. When he gets involved with Tanaka’s otaku circle, he eventually comes to believe so deeply in “otaku” ideals that he alienates his girlfriend, Yoshiko Ueno, without meaning to. When he finds out she’s started cheating on him as a result, rather than sulk, he decides to go all-in and, with the help of Tanaka and his circle, eventually builds a super-successful otaku business.

Kubo doesn’t let others hold him back from what he believes in, even when that results in people abandoning him. He also knows who his true allies are (Tanaka stuck with him to the end, even after they’d been ousted from the company they built): The people who truly believe in him and will back him up in whatever endeavour he chooses.

Lelouch Lamperouge (Code Geass)

Lelouch represents goal-orientation and “staying on the path.” While his actions might at times seem roundabout, he understands his goal and what’s necessary in the present moment to achieve the next element of his goal. He makes expert use of the resources at his disposal and isn’t afraid to take one step back now so he can take two steps forward later. He understands the difference between strategy and tactics, and knows how to utilize both to achieve his ends.

He also represents charisma and leadership. Even outside of his Geass power, he’s a highly effective leader, and understands that leadership is much more than giving orders. Leadership is about inspiring people and gaining their trust that you have their interests in mind.

Shiro Amada (Mobile Suit Gundam: The 08th MS Team)

Shiro Amada is never the one to fire the first shot. Shiro represents seeing the good in people. While he might at first come off as naive or overly-idealistic, his belief in people extends to his comrades as well, and brings out the best in his team. Though it puts him at odds with people on both sides of the war who wish to motivate their soldiers by spreading hate, it also wins him many allies; allies who will stand by him when the chips are down.

“Blank” (No Game No Life)

The name given to the brother/sister gaming duo of Sora and Shiro, “Blank” represents unmatched competence, rising to the challenge, and refusing to take defeat for an answer. They’re confident in their skill, and eager to meet new challenges. While their expertise is in games, they nonetheless strive to be the best at what they do and are able to think outside the box to come up with solutions nobody else could conceive.