Weeb-onomics: Why “Supporting The Industry” Is Hard

Much has been said about the poor working conditions and low pay for animators at some of the major studios in the industry, and many conscientious anime fans want to do what they can to help remedy that situation. As a result, when people talk about “supporting the anime industry,” they’re usually taking about financially supporting the studios that make the anime.

The problem is: The “anime industry” is much bigger than just the studios.

Is Aggressive Localization Sustainable for Anime? – Part 2

(Cross-post from Iyashikei)

In part 1, we learned about how the idealism of early tape-traders caused the business aspect of the Western anime market to diverge from the fanbase, and how that paradigm seeks to usher in an era of aggressive localization in an attempt to grow the Western anime market.

Is Aggressive Localization Sustainable for Anime? – Part 1

(Cross-post from Iyashikei)

Localization and its cousin, censorship, are contentious issues within the anime community. In many ways, the subculture is still smarting from the hackjob localizations of the past, which were often poorly translated, poorly dubbed, had content cut for the Western release, or some combination of the three.